Posiflex PD-2300

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Posiflex PD-2300

Customer Display Posiflex PD-2300

PD-2300 Customer Display Pole


The Posiflex PD-2300 series is a product series of customer display utilizing VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) technology with adequately large character size.

This series presents not only exactly same mechanical styling and all functional capabilities as its predecessor PD-2200 series customer display but also additional advanced arrangement for power connection and interface selection of USB or serial.

The 2 line customer display can be slid horizontally and rotated360 degrees freely allowing full postioning for the user.


  • 2 x 20 character VFD customer display
  • USB or serial interface
  • Adjustable for height, angle & rotation
  • Long life and trouble free operation


Customer Display
Vacuum fluorescent display
Display Colour
Number Of Characters
Two line 20 characters per line
Interface USB or Serial
Baud Rate
Power Consumption
12V AC
Dimensions(WxDxH) 260mm x 110mm x (291-426mm)
Weight 0.7kg

POS Display Posiflex PD-2300

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Produk : Posiflex PD-2300